Share Your World – A Little More About Me

I’m new to blogging. Can you tell?  🙂 And right now, I’m only doing it part time.  I really WANT to do it more.  I so WISH I could do it full time!  But obviously I need to gain more experience and build a presence before I can take that giant leap. Hopefully someday… sigh… Well, in my research of How to Blog, I’ve discovered a few Link Parties.  I had wanted to wait until I had more content and felt that my blog was more established before I started giving those a try…  But as I talked about in … Continue reading

Acts of Kindness with Toddlers – Rock Messages

Acts of Kindness with Toddlers - Rock Messages - Such a cute and easy idea!

I have always been passionate about helping others. It was something both Chaz and I enjoyed. We never specifically planned our Acts of Kindness, but we just tried to always be kind. We would always try to give a little bit to service projects, charities and fundraisers that we heard about, or just give our time to friends, family, and even strangers! I can remember a time before we had kids, when Chaz walked in the door after work a few minutes late. He was just coming in to let me know that he was grabbing a giant flashlight and … Continue reading

I’m Only Human…

Is it just me, or is life insanely busy? How does it get that way?  How do we become consumed with SO MUCH that needs to be done? There’s work, cleaning, paying bills, grocery shopping, spending time with kids, appointments, yard work, and the list could go on and on and on… I really want to set aside time for leisure, working on hobbies, and just straight up rest and relaxation, but there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day! I know I’m not stating anything new here.  I think a huge majority of everyone out … Continue reading

The Truth About Young Widowhood

So this blog is only about 3 weeks old now.  And when I look back and read my first few posts, I am just not happy with them. They are not what I envisioned this blog to be. Sure, they are about my interests.  I am kinda passionate about the environment, I do try to do a lot of different things for my kids, and I am lazily crafty. But I am also a widow.  A young widow.  A young widow with young kids. And that undeniable fact is in every ounce of my being.  It seeps into all my … Continue reading

Baby Boy’s First Birthday Party!

Baby Boy's First Birthday Party - Blue & Green & Number 1 Theme - Links to number and letter printables and other party decoration ideas!

For your convenience, this Baby Boy’s First Birthday post contains affiliate links from which I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. Thanks! It’s crazy to think about, but Will is going to be turning 1 next week! I can’t believe it! It’s with mixed emotions that I am celebrating his first birthday. I actually think I am having just as hard of a time with this as I did with Christmas. I actually started talking about his approaching birthday in therapy about a month ago! I’ve been “dreading” it since then! It is so incredibly … Continue reading

Earth Hour 2014 Participant

Did you participate in Earth Hour this year?  I did!!! If you’re not familiar with Earth Hour, I talk about in this post, click here to read all about it! Anyways, as I was saying, I participated in Earth Hour this year.  From 8:30pm to 9:30pm, I turned off all the lights and lit some candles!  I was actually also working on my laptop at that time, so I unplugged it.  I’m not really sure if that was helpful or not though! 🙂 It was kinda fun!  And different!  I almost felt like I was in the “olden days” when … Continue reading

How to Join Earth Hour 2014

Just last week, I was reminding my mom to throw something, maybe a glass jar, into the recycling bin. She said, “You know, you’ve always been that way.” I asked, “What way?” thinking it was about something bad. She replied, “Into recycling and saving the earth. I remember telling my co-workers about things you were doing when you were just a little girl.” Oh… Yeah, it’s true. I have always been passionate about the environment. When I was a little girl, maybe 7 years old, my friends and I had a “Save the Earth” club. We would pick up trash … Continue reading

Kale and Fruit Smoothie!

I am far from a perfect mom.  VERY far!  I make mistakes ALL. THE. TIME. I’ve yelled at my kids when my patience is short.  I let them watch cartoons, A LOT of cartoons, when I’m having a bad day.  I do not keep the house immaculate.  I don’t really know how to discipline them.  They are not always under my constant supervision, sometimes I sneak away to check my email, Facebook, or Pinterest.  And I do not always feed them the healthiest, organic, non-processed food. But I try my hardest to be a GOOD mom.  Not perfect, but GOOD. … Continue reading

Mind, Body, and Soul

Mind. Body. Soul. We hear about those all the time, right?  Some, like the quote from B.K.S. Iyengar below, might say that these 3 concepts make up our entire lives.  And that a balance between them is needed to feel fulfilled and happy in life. In other words, you can’t only focus on one aspect, you need to pay attention to all three… Well, that kind of makes sense to me, although I’m not 100% sold on this theory…  I guess I’m not really sure of anything anymore… Obviously in my cuh-razy situation, I’m dealing with A LOT, and I … Continue reading

Let’s Get This Party Started Right!

Well, here I am.  Writing my very first post, for my new blog, Me Plus 3…TODAY!  I’m not really sure how or where to start…  Hmmm… I guess I’ll begin by saying that if this is your first time visiting my blog, stop by the About Me page so you can get a quick idea of who I am!Next, I’ll go over the topics I hope to write about:The biggest part of my life is my children.  So I plan to write A LOT about them, and about being a mom.  About the activities we do.  About the struggles I have … Continue reading