I’m Only Human…

Is it just me, or is life insanely busy?

How does it get that way?  How do we become consumed with SO MUCH that needs to be done?

There’s work, cleaning, paying bills, grocery shopping, spending time with kids, appointments, yard work, and the list could go on and on and on…

I really want to set aside time for leisure, working on hobbies, and just straight up rest and relaxation, but there just does not seem to be enough hours in the day!

I know I’m not stating anything new here.  I think a huge majority of everyone out there has this same problem…

And I’m not trying to find a solution.  Yet.

What I really wanted to do was hop on the computer and write a new blog post about what Me Plus 3 have been up to Today.  But before I knew it, 2 hours had passed while I was trying to get all of my usual, “everyday” stuff done.

So now I’m limited on the amount of time I have to spend writing.  And that is just a big bummer!

So instead of writing about one of the many, many things that we’ve been up to (because like I said, life is busy, busy, busy, so we’ve been up to A LOT), I’m just going to write what I hope will be a relatively quick post about just Me.

There is a little thing I like to do that we call “Jukebox Therapy.”  That is when I just crank up some music that will either put me in a better mood (for me, that is something upbeat and “pop”), or something that expresses or conveys anger (which is typically more rock/alternative stuff for me), or something that will make me cry my eyes out (so any love song).

I might be driving in my car, or have my headphones on at work.  But for some reason, cranking that music up just really helps me get through the next hour, or even the next 5 minutes sometimes!

When I’m having a little “Jukebox Therapy” session, I usually feel like I can pull a few lyrics out of any song and apply them to my life somehow.  I typically have to take it out of context from the rest of the song, but those few words seem to be my EXACT thoughts.

And I just love when my thoughts and feelings are put into words, and I didn’t even have to do anything!  I guess it’s kind of like hearing something, and thinking, “Yeah!  That’s what I’ve been trying to say!  I just couldn’t find the right way to express it!” Basically, somebody else did the dirty work for me! 🙂

So, I just wanted to share a few lyrics that have really “spoken for me” lately.  They are from Christina Perri’s song, “Human.”

The words above pretty much describe how I feel EVERY DAY since becoming a young widow.

Honestly, sometimes I think I deserve an Oscar or something for my incredible acting each day!  When I’m out in the real world, I am playing the part of a “happy person.”  I’m not sure if I’m just overly confident, or if it’s just because I can’t see myself from other’s perspectives, but I kind of think I do a pretty good job at acting as a “happy person.”

I’d like to think that if I come across someone who has no idea about my current situation, they would never know how torn to shreds I really am.  But I don’t know, maybe other people would say different, maybe I don’t do as good of a job as I think at hiding my true feelings.

But I guess I don’t really feel like finding out what other people think of my acting skills… So for now, I’ll just let Christina Perri’s song speak for me.

The lyrics above are from the chorus of her song.  And I just love them because this is like the “other side” of me.  While the first set of lyrics were about the charade I put on, the next set are about how I am REALLY feeling.

That I am bleeding and broken.  That I am NOT made of steel.  That I’m falling apart.  That “I’m only human.”

If you’ve never heard Christina Perri’s song “Human,” I’ve included the music video for it below.  It is really a great song, and one that I crank up EVERY TIME I hear it!  So thanks to the writers of that song for putting my thoughts and feelings into some very beautiful words!

For the record, this did not end up being a “quick post.”  So now I have even less time for the rest of my “to do” list… Oh, this is such a viscous cycle… 😛

What songs or lyrics “speak for you?”  And what do you do to keep up with your busy life?  Seriously, I need some tips, please share! 🙂

Well, that’s just a little bit about Me… TODAY!

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