Quick & Easy Good-bye Gift!

I forgot that today was the last day the girls would be seeing one of their teachers from daycare! Um, hello “widow brain!” She is taking the summer off and then will be on maternity leave. She’s been so great to the girls, so I wanted to give her a little something to send her off. With a quick Google search, I found this adorable “Owl Miss You, have a fun summer” FREE printable on Lauren McKinsey’s Think Cute Printables site. I hustled over to the grocery store during my lunch break to pick up a package of candy bars … Continue reading

Freebie for Toddler Twins

*Post contains affiliate links.  Click here to read disclaimer. When the girls were about 6 months old, I discovered that there were some freebies out there for parents of twins and higher order multiples! Did I hear that right?  FREE stuff for twins?!?!? Um, can you say awesome?!?!! I dabbled in blogging before, and fortunately, I wrote all about my experience during that time (I wasn’t the most consistent blogger back then!).  So you can read more details about how I learned about twin freebies by clicking here. And then you can find all the information regarding the free stuff … Continue reading

Acts of Kindness – Donation to Women in Transition Center

"Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world." - Howard Zinn Quote - www.MePlus3Today.com

*Post contains affiliate links. Read disclaimer here. Since Chaz died, the kids and I have been surrounded by so many kind and generous people. I never realized just how many lives both Chaz and I had touched before his death. I’m sure he had no idea either. We’ve had help from our family and friends, of course. But then there was Chaz’s current co-workers, his co-workers from a previous job, college classmates, my co-workers, our daycare center, and our neighbors. There was even a local church, that neither Chaz nor myself were affiliated with, that threw a MAJOR benefit event … Continue reading

Finding 1-on-1 Time with Kids as a Single Mom – “Date Days!”

This post was featured on the How Do You Do It? Parenting Link Up! 🙂   On August 6, 2013, I suddenly and unexpectedly became a single mom. Someday I hope to find the courage to write the story of the worst day of my life, but as you can read on my About Me page, you’ll see that my husband passed away from complications due to bacterial meningitis. And that’s when I found myself to be a single mom to 3 kids under the age of 2.  Our twin daughters were 19-months-old, and our son was 4-months-old. I had … Continue reading

Daycare Teacher Appreciation Gift – Day 3 – Chocolate and Fortune Cookies

Welcome to the 3rd, and final, installment of my 2014 Daycare Teacher Appreciation Week Gift Series. This was my first time doing a series.  I hope it all made sense and you are able to maneuver your way through it! 🙂  Feel free to email me or leave a comment if you notice any hiccups! If this is the first post your a reading in the series, make sure you check out Day 1 for more background on why this is a 3-part series.  And of course you’ll want to see the free & easy “High Five to a LEGENDARY … Continue reading

Daycare Teacher Appreciation Gift – Day 2 – “CHAPPY” You’re Our Teacher!

Teacher Appreciation Gift Idea - I am so "Chappy" you're my teacher! FREE Printable with DIY bling chapstick - www.MePlus3Today.com

Welcome to the 2nd installment of my 3-part Daycare Teacher Appreciation Gift series! You can get a little more background about why I am writing 3 installments by reading Part 1 of this series. But in a nutshell, I wanted to do a little something for our teachers EVERY DAY of our 3-day week at daycare to show just how thankful we are for what they do! So, boom! Three parts for 3 days! Makes sense, right? 🙂 Well anyways, this is what we did for Day 2 of Teacher Appreciation Week. Make sure you check out what we did for Day … Continue reading

Daycare Teacher Appreciation Gift – High Five to a LEGENDARY Teacher!

*Disclosure: Post contains affiliate links. As I’m sure many of you know, last week was Teacher Appreciation Week! And if you didn’t know, well, now you do! 🙂 I think Teacher Appreciation week is usually the first week of May. I know I usually begin thinking about it when spring starts to roll around. As always, I pin LOTS of Teacher Appreciation gift ideas (you can find my board by clicking here). But it’s always a little tough, because right now, our teachers are daycare teachers. And sometimes it seems as if all the great ideas out there don’t necessarily … Continue reading

My First Mother’s Day as a Young Widow

Mother’s day is quickly approaching.  It’s another first “holiday” I have to endure as a young widow. Just like all the other holidays that have come and gone since Chaz died, I try to just not to think about it… But sometimes I can’t help it.  And I begin to dwell in it. My thoughts for Mothers Day were really pretty selfish.  Basically I was thinking that Chaz wasn’t going to be around to organize the kids to “get” me something.  And it’s not like I wanted “stuff,” but more along the lines of doing some kind of keepsake, like … Continue reading

No Makeup Selfie… For the Home!

So, you’ve heard of the “selfie,” right?  🙂 Then I’m sure you’ve also heard all about the “No Makeup Selfie.” If you have no idea what either of these terms are, then I commend you!  Somehow, you have remained completely unplugged, because I’ve heard about these on the radio, on my local news, and of course, ALL over the Internet!  I’m actually surprised you are even reading this blog because I would think you’d have to avoid the Internet COMPLETELY in order to have missed out on the term “selfie.”  🙂 Anyway, back to the “No Makeup Selfie.”  Celebrities seem … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift for My Mother-in-Law

We’ve been working on a bunch of little projects that I can’t wait to blog about! But as usual, I’m limited on time that I get to blog.  🙁   However, I am taking some vacation days from work, so I have the next 1.5 weeks off!  WOOHOO!  I think I mentioned on my About Me page that I work part-time as an engineer.  And even though I’m part-time, I still have to put in a lot of extra hours at home. So, I’m pretty pumped about this time off!  I’m planning on spending some quality time with the kids. … Continue reading