Monday Mourning Widow Series #6: 5 Worries of a Single Mom

Last week, I was honored when Natasha from Epic Mommy Adventures asked me to write a guest post about single parenting for her blog series during National Unmarried and Single Americans Week. I am so glad that the organization that promotes this week added the term “Unmarried” to the title. Because as a widow, I would rather describe myself with that word than as “single.” Although really, I actually still consider myself married. I still wear my wedding ring. And I still refer to Chaz as my husband. I’m not sure if, or when, that will every go away. But I do … Continue reading

26 Unique Halloween Costumes for Twins or Siblings

For your convenience, this post about Halloween costumes for twins or siblings contains affiliate links from which I may make a small commission at no additional cost to you. One of the best parts of Halloween is dressing up! It has always been so fun to come up with creative Halloween costume ideas. And now that I have kids, I am constantly trying to think of original, coordinating Halloween costumes for twins and siblings. I figured I needed to get them in while I could, before the kids were old enough to start picking out their own costumes! I mentioned … Continue reading

7 Tips to Grow Your Blog on a Part Time Schedule + Blogging Goal Update

I am now 6 months into this blogging journey and I’m loving it! I am slowly but surely growing my blog and making it something worthwhile for readers. As I learn more about blogging, the more I enjoy it! And I hope you enjoy seeing the changes and improvements I am trying to make. Of course I’d appreciate any feedback that you might have, just leave me a comment below! Well, 3 months ago, I set a goal for myself. I wanted to get 50 email subscribers in the next 6 months. To be honest, it felt really lofty at … Continue reading

Monday Mourning Widow Series #5: 6 Online Resources for Widows

As a widow, it’s impossible to not feel alone. I know that I’m not. I have plenty of supportive family and friends. But I can never completely shake that empty, lonely feeling in my chest. Obviously the main cause of feeling so incredibly alone is the fact that I lost my husband. My other half. My partner in crime. My best friend. The terms of endearment could go on and on. But it’s also because there is nobody that completely gets it. My family and friends have been great through all of this, but they just can’t completely relate or … Continue reading

3 Letter Recognition Ideas for Toddlers

For your convenience, this letter recognition ideas for toddlers post contains affiliate links and is sponsored by I See Me! Even though all 3 kids are still under the age of 3, I can’t help but think of their futures. I just want to give them a great chance for success. And I personally would consider them successful as long as they are happy with whatever they are doing. I don’t have any background in child development, but I believe early literacy skills will help them as they grow up, so they can follow their passions and be happy. As … Continue reading

14+ Halloween Party Game Ideas!

14 Halloween Party Game Ideas - Love these for my kids' class parties and fall festivals!

Just so you know, I LOVE Halloween! Whether it’s playing a game at a Halloween party, dressing up (like these 26 costume ideas for twins or siblings), carving pumpkins, or eating candy, I enjoy it all! So, I’m super excited to bring you this round up of over 14 fun Halloween Party Game Ideas! One of the reasons I love Halloween so much is because it has always had a special meaning for my late-husband, Chaz, and me since our sophomore year of college (14 years ago! Yowza!). It was at a Halloween party that I started to like him … Continue reading

Where Were You on September 11, 2001?

Where were you on September 11, 2001? The answer to that question is often a status update on social media on each anniversary of that horrific day. In fact, I’m sure it’s been my Facebook status at least once over the years. For a lot of us, we were in our homes, in our car, at school, at work, hundreds of miles away… And it really is something we will never forget. While all our lives were changed that day, we were also probably still able to quickly resume a “normal” life. But I want to take a moment to … Continue reading

Monday Mourning Widow Series #4 – “Butterfly Fly Away”

For this week’s Monday Mourning Widow Series post, I have a story to share that happened a few weeks ago. I originally shared it on my personal Facebook page in a much more crude form, but I cleaned it up and decided to post it here! A few weeks ago, something incredibly beautiful and almost unbelievable happened to the kids and me.  It was Thursday, August 7, which happened to be the the day after the “1-year mark” since Chaz’s death. Thursday is one my days off from work, so I am home with the kids. And even though the day before had … Continue reading

The World of Eric Carle

This post contains affiliate links and I will earn commission if you make a purchase after clicking on my links, at no additional cost to you.One of the kids’ favorite books is Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?. And I absolutely love listening to the girls “read” it. In the beginning, Charlotte would read it like, “Brown bear, brown bear, see? Red bird, red bird, see?” And so on. While Violet would say “Red bird lookin’ ah me. Yellow duck lookin’ ah me.” They could go through the entire story like that. To say it was adorable would … Continue reading

Pack Your Bags for a Tour Through Blogland!

Since beginning this new venture in blogging, I’ve started reading and following numerous blogs. It is really fun to virtually “meet” these people, and to have them invite readers into their lives! The number one thing I’ve learned since starting this blog, is that bloggers are so nice and incredibly supportive of each other! It is not a competition at all, everyone seems to want to help everyone else get to the top! I love it! Right now, there is a Tour Through Blogland going on. I’ve seen it on almost every single blog I read, so I am excited to … Continue reading