Freebie for Toddler Twins

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When the girls were about 6 months old, I discovered that there were some freebies out there for parents of twins and higher order multiples!

Did I hear that right?  FREE stuff for twins?!?!? Um, can you say awesome?!?!!

I dabbled in blogging before, and fortunately, I wrote all about my experience during that time (I wasn’t the most consistent blogger back then!).  So you can read more details about how I learned about twin freebies by clicking here.

And then you can find all the information regarding the free stuff and coupons I received by clicking here!  If you are expecting twins, or know of somebody who is, then I would definitely recommend checking it out!

Well, all of this seemed to apply only to newborn twins (or at least twins younger than 1 year old).

So, I had wondered if there was anything cool like that available for older twins, since the girls are now almost 2 and a half!

A wonderful person (TwinMama421) left a comment on the post I mentioned above, that they were able to get 4 free cases of the Enfamil Toddler Milk!

I know some people out there don’t feel that Toddler Milk is really necessary, and I am actually one of those people!  I was fine giving the girls regular old Vitamin D milk and then switching to 2% when they were a little older.

But hey, you can’t beat free!  Even if I just supplemented it for one glass of milk every other day, it would make the gallons of cow milk I buy last a little bit longer.  In other words, save me money!

Who doesn’t love to save money?!?! 🙂

Well, like TwinMama421 said in the comments, I asked our pediatrician’s office to speak with their Enfamil representative to see if that program was still available.  They called back and left a voicemail saying that we were being sent 2 cases of the ready-to-drink Enfagrow Next Step.

Woohoo!!!! 🙂

A few weeks later, this showed up on our front porch!

As you can see, 2 cases of the Enfagrow Next Step is equivalent to 12 packages.  These packs contain 4 of the 8.25oz drink boxes.  We received the vanilla flavored drink , and it also comes in natural milk flavor.

I was nervous that the kids wouldn’t like it, but all 3 of them have enjoyed it!  And, you can read in my most recent Act of Kindness post, that I actually donated one of the packages to our local Center for Women in Transition as well!

Obviously, I was pretty pumped about getting such a great freebie!  I hope you are also able to take advantage of this program!

PLEASE let me know if you come across any other great freebies or deals for parents with toddler/older twins and multiples!  I’m always on the lookout! 🙂

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I had actually come across your old post before! That is so funny. It was such a great and thorough post! Welcome back to blogging! I tried hard to get free stuff for my twins too, but it seemed like many programs were being discontinued. Lame!

Sarah @

How funny! That stinks that programs are being discontinued! I'm sure you've seen that funny meme out there about "Two for the price of one? No! It's 2 for the price of 2…" Double the diapers, wipes, food, car seats, etc! Those programs were such a nice perk! 🙂


Ha ha ha. Yeah! No kidding! Double the cost in many ways for sure! Cause you double the amount of clothes, diapers, wipes and everything.

Katie Humphrey

I wish there were free stuff like this available in the UK, I would have jumped at the chance! Good on you for donating some of it too, I'm sure it was gratefully received! Thanks for linking up #Multiplemadness