My First Mother’s Day as a Young Widow

Mother’s day is quickly approaching.  It’s another first “holiday” I have to endure as a young widow. Just like all the other holidays that have come and gone since Chaz died, I try to just not to think about it… But sometimes I can’t help it.  And I begin to dwell in it. My thoughts for Mothers Day were really pretty selfish.  Basically I was thinking that Chaz wasn’t going to be around to organize the kids to “get” me something.  And it’s not like I wanted “stuff,” but more along the lines of doing some kind of keepsake, like … Continue reading

Mother’s Day Gift for My Mother-in-Law

We’ve been working on a bunch of little projects that I can’t wait to blog about! But as usual, I’m limited on time that I get to blog.  🙁   However, I am taking some vacation days from work, so I have the next 1.5 weeks off!  WOOHOO!  I think I mentioned on my About Me page that I work part-time as an engineer.  And even though I’m part-time, I still have to put in a lot of extra hours at home. So, I’m pretty pumped about this time off!  I’m planning on spending some quality time with the kids. … Continue reading