Mommy Reality Challenge: Guilty Pleasure

It’s time for another Mommy Reality Challenge post! Yay! 🙂 Not familiar with it?  Well, it’s a fun challenge to capture Mommy Realties hosted by A Lavender Life, JENerally Informed, and Leapfrog and Lipgloss.  Each week, moms are given a specific topic to share a snapshot of the REAL deal.   I’ve been participating in it for a while now. You can see my previous posts by clicking the following links: Mommy’s Meals Moment of Trouble The Laundry Room The Essence of Summer Unfortunately, sometimes it just completely slips my mind.  Or I just never get around to snapping a pic for that … Continue reading

Mommy Reality Challenge: The Laundry Room

For the past few weeks, I’ve been participating in the Mommy Reality Challenge hosted by A Lavender Life, JENerally Informed, and Leapfrog and Lipgloss. The challenge is all about capturing and sharing unedited moments of mommyhood!  They provide a new challenge each week, and I love seeing all the other “Mommy Realities” out there! I joined in because it fits perfectly with my goal to take the mask off and give people a look inside my life of a young widow. The first challenge I participated in was Mommy’s Meals. I also participated in the Moment of Trouble challenge. This … Continue reading

Mommy Reality Challenge: Moment of Trouble

*Post contains affiliate links.  Read full disclaimer here. I’m assuming we’ve all had those moments.  You know, the ones where we are so caught off guard by finding our kids getting into some serious mischief, that we can’t even find the words to tell them to “Stop!”  The only thing we can do is just stutter a little bit, sigh and shake our heads, and then whip out our camera to take a picture of the ridiculousness… And that is what this weeks Mommy Reality Challenge, a “Moment of Trouble,” is all about! The moms from A Lavender Life, Jenerally … Continue reading

Confession: I’m Not the Mom You Think I Am

Confession: I'm Not the Mom You Think I Am - We all have our imperfections, and this is mine. -

*Post contains affiliate links. Click here for full disclaimer. When people give me compliments about being a “good mom,” I casually try to brush it off. Because in my head, I’m thinking “If they only knew…” I’m a yeller. And I was a cheerleader back in high school, so I can get some pretty good volume in my voice… I’m writing this, and I’m still not 100% sure I’ll share it. I feel like there are A LOT of people out there who would look down on my behavior. I’ve read those articles. I know what people think. I know … Continue reading

6 Reasons Why I WON’T Give Parenting Advice

This post was featured on the How Do You Do It? Parenting Link Up! 🙂   As soon as I announced I was pregnant for the first time, the parenting advice from family and friends started rolling in… Do this… Don’t do that… Buy this… Oh, you won’t need that… And on and on and on… Yikes! And so began the sleepless nights from worrying about how we were ever going to be able to raise these 2 precious little babies… Before they were even born!!! Then once the babies were born, the barrage of advice seemed to get worse! … Continue reading

Mommy Reality Challenge: Mommy’s Meals

*Post contains affiliate links.  Read full disclaimer here. I’ve been browsing Pinterest and reading A LOT of different blogs lately, in pursuit of becoming a better blogger.  It’s fun and I’m reading a lot of interesting tips for parenting and some great activity ideas for the kids! And it has also made me see that I’m not the only one struggling with this rollercoaster of motherhood. I’m not the only one who struggles with yelling at their kids.   I’m not the only one who gets incredibly frustrated when their child won’t put their shoes on. I’m not the only … Continue reading