Work-Life Wednesday Series – Balancing the Scales: Learning How to Keep Family & Work in Perspective {Guest Post}

Hey there!   I am super excited to be here and I appreciate Sarah for giving me this opportunity!  What a challenging topic for discussion!  We all struggle to find that balance between work and home!  It’s an important topic, to be sure!   Life is a balancing act.  I don’t care who you are, or what “titles” you hold…every day…in some way or another…we all have to learn how to balance the things that vie for our attention.  Children, spouse, friends, home, work, community obligations, projects, hobbies…Things are constantly shifting and rearranging.  Sometimes, it feels like there are not … Continue reading

Work-Life Wednesday Series – State Your Purpose: The Balance Between Career & Family {Guest Post}

The answer to how to balance your career and your family is surprisingly quite simple. State your purpose! There is no magic easy button to help you perfectly balance your life and no long, lost super-hero serum that allows you to be everything to everybody all of the time. The true key to mitigating the chaos that is your professional and personal life is to define your boundaries and adhere to them. Without a verbal proclamation of what is generally accepted among your daily routine and likewise, those parts of your world that you aren’t willing to sacrifice, … Continue reading

Work-Life Wednesday Series – Balancing Work & Life When You’re a Blogger {Guest Post}

Hi Everyone, I am Natasha and I blog over at Epic Mommy Adventures, where I share the ins and outs of being a single parent and sharing advice to other single parents. But I write about so much more – potty training, family fun, toddler adventures, learning and growing as a person – and I even share a few link ups and giveaways to connect others. In celebration of National Work & Family Month, I’m here today to share my guest post on learning how to balance a full-time job and parenthood, especially when you’re a blogger. … Continue reading

Work-Life Wednesday Series – 4 Tips for Managing Work & Life

This post was featured: With the technology that now exists, and the different work styles that are developing, the boundaries between work and life can become very blurred. Is this something you struggle with? Because I sure do! When I’m at work, my mind always wonders towards my responsibilities at home, and when I’m at home, I constantly have the nagging guilt that I should be doing more work to help my colleagues. And that, my friends, is just not right! The topic of work-life integration (or you may hear it more often referred to as ‘work-life balance’) is important … Continue reading