31 Days of Gratitude #Gratitoday Photo Challenge

I’ve been working on completing 32 acts of kindness for Chaz’s 32nd birthday, which is on July 3. I’ll have a blog post soon about how everything turned out, but until then, you can check out the Facebook event here and last year’s series of 31 Acts of Kindness for his 31st birthday here.

While I am repeating some of the kindness activities we did last year, I have also been trying to figure out new and creative ways to be kind. It has been a really fun project to work on and research.

One act of kindness that I am pursuing is to create and participate in a 31-day gratitude photo challenge. I’ve compiled a list of 31 words, one for each day during the month of July. You can see the list and download a printable copy near the bottom of this post. I’ll snap a picture of something I am grateful for that is related to the word of the day.

Love the reason behind this 31 Days of Gratitude #Gratitoday Photo Challenge and that it's related to Acts of Kindness! Definitely joining in! www.MePlus3Today.com

Because I am new to Instagram (I know, I’m probably the last one to join), I decided to post my gratitude challenge photos there. It’ll be a little added incentive for me to learn the ropes of that social media platform!

The photo challenge I created was inspired by several other blogs, like Positively Present, Capture Your 365, and Let’s Get Together, that have made similar lists. Their gratitude events typically run in November for Thanksgiving, so make sure you check those blogs out as the holidays approach!

How is Gratitude an Act of Kindness?

I can’t find the exact article, but I once read something that talked about how gratitude and kindness are related. It also discussed the health benefits, both mentally and physically, of these attitudes. In fact, gratitude is one of the kindness concepts that the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation uses in their lesson plans.

In a quick Google search, I found the following similar articles to illustrate what I am talking about:

Benefits of Gratitude You Didn’t Know About: How Gratitude Can Change Your Life

Can’t Get Therapy? Try Gratitude and Kindness

How Gratitude and Kindness Go Together for Brain-Changing Happiness

Basically, in my opinion gratitude helps me focus more on what I already have, rather than what I want. It also brings perspective to how fortunate I am despite some of our circumstances. So, I guess it’s a form of self-kindness that also encourages me to be kind to others!

Join Me!

I’d be thrilled if you’d like to participate in this 31 Days of Gratitude Photo Challenge as well. I created a printable version of that list that you can download by clicking here.

Don’t forget, when you post on Instagram, make sure to include #Gratitoday. I love that hashtag because it’s a play on the word “gratitude” and my blog name, Me Plus 3 Today. Plus, it will make it easier for me to find your posts!

If you’d prefer to just be a spectator of this challenge, just follow me on Instagram and search the hashtag #Gratitoday. I’m looking forward to seeing what other people are grateful for and I hope this inspires you to take a more positive view of your life!


Love the reason behind this 31 Days of Gratitude #Gratitoday Photo Challenge and that it's related to Acts of Kindness! Definitely joining in! www.MePlus3Today.com

Click here to download a printable version of the 31 Days of Gratitude Photo Challenge


For more ideas on how to be kind, follow my Acts of Kindness & Service Projects Pinterest board! Follow Sarah @ Me Plus 3 TODAY’s board Acts of Kindness & Service Projects on Pinterest.


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