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As I did my holiday shopping this year, I tried to make an effort to purchase from businesses that give back. I browsed through many gift guides that listed gifts for a cause, like this one from She Lives Free. She also created a round-up of several other gift guides with even more ideas for gifts that give back.

Eventually I came across a company called That’s Caring. I ended up buying the muffins and coffee gift box for my mother-in-law from them, and I thought I would recommend it to everyone as an option for a Valentine’s Day gift (or any other occasion), too!

That's Caring - Gifts that Give Back - Gifts for a Cause -

That’s Caring is a socially-responsible gift basket company with a one-for-one business model. For each gift purchased from That’s Caring, they donate weekend meals to a child in need in the United States. They partner with food banks to supply food-insecure children with non-perishable items that will give them the nutrients and sustenance they need to get through the weekend. You can find out more details by visiting their website.

I thought the wine & cheese or the gourmet chocolate confection gifts from That’s Caring would make perfect Valentine’s Day gifts. If you are going to buy wine and chocolate anyway, why not make a bigger impact with your purchase?

Valentine's Day Gift Idea, a gift that Gives Back - I love the idea of giving a gift for a cause! -

I hope that if you are giving someone a gift this year, you try to give a gift that gives back!

And now on to this week’s Make a Difference Monday Link-up…

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Sybil Brun

What a fantastic gift idea! Thank you so much for sharing about That’s Caring – I will be sure to spread the word through sharing your post!


I LOVE this! Thank you so much for sharing! We volunteer with our local food bank so this is something that I will definitely look in to!

Also, do you have an updated list on the hosts for Make a Difference Monday? I have a link back on my site but I don’t think it’s current or correct. Thanks so much!

Simply called food

I love that tea brand! Such a nice gift to give and receive! ‪#‎ibabloggers‬

Sue at the Little Shack

I love this! I’m in Canada (eh!) and will have to search out some businesses I can access here that do something lie this. I do try to make purchases from 10,000 Villages each year at Christmas time. Such a great organization. Thanks for this and also for your inspirational link party!