Snowman Hand Print Thank You Cards

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So, I have to tell you, I’m pretty proud of these snowman hand print thank you cards that I’m sharing here. We started making these DIY cards last winter, but I am just now getting to post about them.

I was inspired by these adorable snowman hand prints with the saying “Love Never Melts.”

The best thing about these cards is that they were quick and easy to make and only required a few supplies that we already had on hand.

I usually take the kids hand prints on a separate piece of construction paper, just in case I mess it up or it smears. Then I cut it out and glue it onto a piece of white cardstock. It makes things much easier!

Here is the front of the card with Will’s hand print. You can see how I used regular markers to decorate the hand print snowman and add the words “Unlike snowmen…” to the top of the card.

"Unlike Snowmen..." Hand print snowman Thank You card idea! Love the personal touch and so easy to make! Too cute!

Here is the inside with Violet’s and Charlotte’s hand prints! This is where I used my inspiration about “Love never melts,” and instead saying “Our ‘Thank Yous’ won’t melt!” Pretty clever, huh? 🙂 Okay, I know it’s not Shakespeare, but I was pretty proud of myself!

Unlike snowmen... Our "Thank Yous" won't melt! Love the personal touch of these snowman hand print thank you cards! They are too cute and so easy!

So, what do you think? I try to make a point of sending out thank you cards for nice gestures and gifts. But I’m not always the best at remembering! But when I do, I usually send these out.

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Handprint Snowman Thank You Card - "Unlike snowmen..." - Love the personal touch and the phrase on the inside is perfect!

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