9 Greeting Cards for Your Funny Valentine

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Valentine’s Day used to be one of my favorite holidays. I realize that to most people it is just another “Hallmark holiday.” But it’s more than that to me, because it is also my birthday!

I’ve always loved having my birthday on Valentine’s Day. It’s not really a major holiday, but it was enough to make my birthday always feel extra special!

But since losing Chaz, like all other holidays, it has lost it’s magic. And now it almost feels even worse because it is on Valentine’s Day. Hearing about people going on dates or spending time with their significant others just makes it feel like a double-whammy of being alone.

And of course, like all the other holidays, as Valentine’s Day approaches I think about how we would have spent it together. We weren’t the type to do extravagant gifts for this occasion, just something homemade or a greeting card. We were more likely to go out and spend time together. Whatever we did, it was always special!

With all my reminiscing, I can’t help but browse greeting cards for one that I might have gotten Chaz. We had a weird sense of humor, so of course, all of them are a little silly!

Since I don’t get to share them with Chaz this year, I decided to share them with you! I wouldn’t want all my miscellaneous card browsing to go to waste! So here are cards that I found amusing, and I hope you will too!

9 Greeting Cards to Make Your Funny Valentine Smile - www.MePlus3Today.com

9 Funny Greeting Cards for Valentine’s Day!

1) Because who doesn’t love bacon? Chaz sure did! (from CafePress.com)

You're just like bacon, you make everything better funny humorous greeting card for valentine's day

2) And of course naps! (from CafePress.com)

I Like You (and naps) funny humorous greeting card for Valentine's Day

3) For all the wild and crazy couples out there! (from CafePress.com)

I could watch TV with you forever. Funny, humorous greeting card ecard for Valentine's Day

4) If you just want to tell it like it is… (from CafePress.com)

You are so lucky to have me. Funny, humorous greeting card for Valentine's Day

5) This is how you know it’s love! (from CafePress.com)

I can't believe how much I'm not sick of you. Funny, humorous greeting card for Valentine's Day.

6) And if this doesn’t show how much you love someone, then I don’t know what does! (from CafePress.com)

I'd totally shave my legs for you. Funny, humorous greeting card for Valentine's Day.

7) Well, this one is more on the sappy side than the humorous side. But I thought it was too cute not to share! (from CafePress.com)

You're kinda, sorta, pretty much, basically, always on my mind. Greeting card for Valentine's Day.

8) Sometimes you just need a cute pun to say it! I’d never heard this one before! (from CafePress.com)

aloe view - Pun, funny, humorous greeting card for Valentine's Day.

9) You can never have enough puns, so maybe try a more traditional one! (from CafePress.com)

olive you! Pun, funny, humorous greeting card for Valentine's Day.


I hope these cards made you smile like I did when I read them. And even if you think Valentine’s day is a silly Hallmark holiday, why not use it as an opportunity to tell your significant other how much you care about them. Whether it be with a cute card or conversation, it doesn’t matter. Just do it! Trust me, I know from experience that you can never say “I love you” enough!


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I believe my favorite is the card mentioning naps. Love a good nap! Thank you for sharing!


What adorable cards. Thank you for sharing with us.