16+ Ideas & Activities for New Year’s Eve with Kids

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Once you have kids, the way you celebrate New Year’s Eve tends to drastically change. When Chaz and I were younger, in our pre-kid days, we would go to fun parties, or even throw big parties of our own. Activities would revolve around friends, food, and a lot of drinks! But after having kids, we stayed home and were in bed before midnight!

That wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. I was looking forward to future New Year’s Eves as a family. I had always imagined us having fun celebrations as the kids got older. We would have special activities, yummy food, and ring in the new year together as a family. And even though it hurts beyond words to think that Chaz won’t be a part of it, I can’t help but browse Pinterest for creative ideas to celebrate. Because I know someday I will still want to make New Year’s Eve special for the kids, even though it will be without their daddy.

So in this post, I’ve collected several ideas that I envision trying with the kids someday. Hopefully these ideas will inspire you to have a special New Year’s Eve celebration with your children this year!

16+ Ideas & Activities for New Year’s Eve with Kids


Make it a fun and festive evening with these DIY decoration ideas!

1) Paper Ring Chain
These are easy enough to make that even very young kids can get involved. Plus, I love idea of a “ring” theme for “Ringing in the New Year” from The Preschool Toolbox.

2) Photo Booth Props
These FREE printable photo booth props from Red Ted Art will make for some hilarious pictures and great memories.

3) Crowns and Party Hats
New Year’s Eve with kids wouldn’t be the same without the party hats! There are a ton of ideas on Happiness is Homemade that you and the kids can make!

Why limit the countdown to only 10 seconds before midnight? These ideas allow the fun to stretch through the entire evening!

4) Balloon Pop Countdown
I’m not sure what kids will love more with this idea from Life with Moore Babies, popping balloons or the activity hidden inside!? And it’s simple to purchase balloons on online too!

5) Countdown Goodie Bags
Instead of activities, you could try prizes in goodie bags each hour. Hoosier Homemade even has FREE clock printables for you to use! And there is a huge selection of styles and colors of goodie bags on Amazon.

6) Game Hour
You could also just skip the balloons and goodie bags, and go straight for the games or activities each hour like they did over at My Joy Filled Life. She has some unique ideas for games that you should definitely check out!

Of course, you’ll need yummy treats for New Year’s Eve with kids! So don’t forget to serve special food and drinks like these throughout the night!

7) New Year’s Cookies
Making special cookies, like these from In the Playroom, could be a fun tradition to start with the kids. Or check out all the fun kits, like Gingerbread Ninjas, on Amazon.

8) Ring Pop
I saw these on Bloom Designs and thought they were too cute. They go right along the “Ringing in the New Year” theme I mentioned in #1! Save time and money buying bulk Ring Pops online.

9) Orange-Apple Surprises
Let the kids toast at midnight with a unique mocktail! I really love this simple recipe from Peace…but not Quiet. Make them even more fun by serving them in special, kid friendly, glasses! You should also check out the special food they served for the New Year’s Eve with kids!

These ideas for games and activities could become family traditions for New Year’s Eve! Make it a memorable night while having a ton of fun!


10) Time Capsule
As someone who is incredibly sentimental and obsessed with memories, I absolutely LOVE the idea of making a time capsule for each kid. Come Together Kids included a lot of fun stuff and also has a FREE printable on their blog that you can use!

11) Minute to Win It Games
These games are hilarious! You can find 8 ideas in this post from The Chaos and the Clutter. You might want to just check that post out for any family/game night that you might be planning in the future and consider purchasing your own Minute to Win It game kit!

12) New Year’s Ball Game
OK, I am absolutely positive that I want to include this game in our New Year’s Eve traditions. This sounds exactly like something that Chaz would want us to play. You can see the explanation of the game on Sparkly Polliwog.

As midnight approaches, it’ll be time to get a little rowdy with DIY noisemakers! Children and adults alike will have fun as they anticipate the new year!


13) DIY Straw Noisemaker
Instead of buying horns to blow from the store, you can make your own! Based on the instructions from Meaningful Mama, these look really simple to make and the supplies can be ordered from Amazon!

14) Box Shaker Noisemaker
I love the look of these noisemakers from Seeking Shade. I also love how the supplies can easily be ordered online, some of it can be pre-made, and then the kids can be left to decorate it on New Year’s Eve!

15) Paper Plate Noisemaker
If you aren’t able to find the boxes you need for #14, you could do something similar with a paper plate. There is even more flare added with these shown on I Can Teach My Child.

And finally, as midnight strikes, make a special tradition that you and the kids will remember for a lifetime!


16) New Year’s Tree
This idea from Our Best Bites is perfect, and exactly what I envisioned for our kids someday! I love the glasses shaped like the year and the mardi gras beads! I think this alone would make New Year’s Eve with kids an incredibly special night. You could also combine it with several of the other ideas I mentioned for an unforgettable night!

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Thanks for the ideas

Susie Wilkinson

A lot of good ideas there! I love the New Year's tree idea!

Mercedes Lyne

I really like the balloons idea! So simply yet fun


Some great ideas there!<br />

Amy Heffernan

WOW!!! What great ideas!!! I think my kiddies would love to do photo booth props1!!

Wild N Mild $$$

Love all the ideas!<br />Jennifer Rote


SO many great ideas for all ages. I love the variety here. I will have to bookmark this because I am finally off New Years Eve and Day this year! Yay!

Michelle Li

Thank you for such fun and good ideas.

Sandy Sandmeyer

These are great ideas I wish I had when my son was younger.


Fun ideas, thanks!


I really like the Straw Noisemaker! I know I would have enjoyed that a child.


I'm thinking about doing New Years' with the kids this year. This is super helpful.


Great ideas! The tree idea gives me an excuse to keep my Christmas tree up longer 😀

Kelly Kimmell

I love the noisemaker ideas. Thanks for sharing, very creative.

Lisa Queen

I love all these ideas for New Years Eve. It's always hard to come up with something for the kids to do. Thanks for the chance in the giveaway! Awesome!


these are great ideas to do with your kids to include them on New Years

Melody Camp

The straw noisemaker looks like fun 🙂

Joann Woolley

So many great ideas! Board games, dance music, apple cider for toasting and watching the NYE East Coast time so everyone can get to bed ; )

Tamsyn Fegan

WOW! i absolutely love these ideas. Thank you for sharing 🙂

Amy C

Some really great ideas….thanks for sharing!!

M Clark

We usually have a turkey dinner with all the fixings and stay up until midnight. At midnight the lids play with sparklers.

Mish L.

I loovee the ideas, looks very fun 🙂


I had never heard of a paper plate noisemaker. Neat ideas. Thank you for sharing. I'm going to try some because I never do anything for NYE.

Karen Propes

Love all the ideas, some I knew but alot I didn't know or think about. Thanks for sharing.

Pam Gurganus

These ideas are fantastic! I especially like the balloons and countdown goodie bags! Thank you for sharing!

Angella L

I love how you reused items and repurposed them! What a great way to teach our children to start out the new year with creativity and environmental responsibility.

Del Kroemer

love these ideas!

Wendy Mastin

We love doing crafts and you have some great new ones that we can do for the holidays. Thanks


Creative and nice ideias, from all I like most the countdown goodies bag! <br />Thank you for sharing and for the awesome giveaway

Rinrin Parian

I feel like a pro on these ideas. Thanks.

Laura Flaute

Fun collection of ideas – thanks for sharing!

Judy Thomas

Love these great ideas!

mai tran

Paper Ring Chain is fun, we could attempt it this holiday.

Melissa Storms

So many great ideas here. I love all of the nature inspired ideas and crafts.


Those are great ideas – thanks for sharing!

DB Product Review

Just dropping by to say I love your blog! It's set up nicely and easy to navigate. Also, reading it inspires me that is why I wish to share your blog posts to all my family and friends. 🙂 <br />


Love all the great ideas, thanks!

wen budro

I really like those ideas for activities. How cute are those little mustaches!!?? And goodie bags are always a hit.

randy fulgham


Sara Trojaniello

A lot of amazing ideas! :D<br />I'm @ecacchiarola on instagram


Thanks for the great ideas!

kathy downey

I like the balloons and countdown goodie bags,but they are all awesome


As caregiver for our 2 year old granddaughter, these ideas, along with the help from a multitude of other wonderful &quot;mommy-helper-teacher&quot; blog's, have made education such a rewarding and fun experience for all of us!! Thank you so much!!-Danielle

Bogdan Sebastyan

Thanks for this giveaway!

Alyssa C

I really like the balloon countdown idea – I like the activities inside.. or with older kids, maybe add a new hourly challenge to each balloon as well. Like for the next hour you can't say a certain word or phrase, or you can't &quot;step on any cracks&quot;. Etc. Awesome ideas though, thank you!

Michelle Kafka

Thank you for having this giveaway and the chance to win. Love all the ideas posted.


Love these ideas!!! Well, maybe not the noisemakers, lol! We just might have to do the balloon pop. I'm excited to have my nieces this year, so that my sister can go out. And thank you for the wonderful giveaway opportunity!

Debbie S.

So many great creative ideas her, I have made a few choices I'd like to do with my grandson! THanks so very much! Really like the New Years Eve Ball game<br />

Elizabeth Lund

Awesome giveaway. Thank you for hosting!!

Katie Heath

Those are great ideas! Thanks for the giveaway!