3-Month Blog Reflection and Goals

My 3-month “blogiversary” is coming up on Friday!  Woohoo! 🙂

So, I’ve been reflecting on my blog again.  Why am I writing this?  What do I hope to achieve?

This is what I came up with:

  • I want to inspire.
  • I want to share what it’s like to be a young widow and a single mom.  To show my struggles, but also show how I try to find joy.
  • I want to give people a look inside this life.  I know people see stories like mine on the news, or hear about it from friends of friends.  I know they can’t imagine what it must be like (because I used to be on that side of the story).  So I want to show you what it’s like. 
  • I want to help others.
  • I want others to not feel alone, and I don’t want to feel alone!
  • I want to BE inspired.
  • I want to remember.  Life is crazy and fast-paced.  Often little details can slip through the cracks and be forgotten.  Writing keeps those details in one spot for me.
  • I want to s l o w  d o w n.  Writing gives me time to reflect on certain events and look at my life in a different way.
  • I want to share ideas, whether they be my own or those that I have found and tried from others.
  • I want to remind people to be kind to others.  Each person you encounter, whether it’s the cashier at the grocery story or the person who cut you off while driving to work, has a story you probably know nothing about.  Try to remember that before you judge and make assumptions.
I’ve also been reflected on WHO I’m writing this for.  I’m attempting to be a real blogger, so according to the blogs about blogs (and I’ve been reading a lot of those lately), I need to figure out who is my “target audience?”

This is what I came up with:

  • First, it’s widows.  In particular, young widows like me.  While I look back at my posts so far, I haven’t even gotten close to touching on the nitty-gritty of widowhood, but I know that it is slowly coming out.  You may read this and think I have no idea what widowhood is, that it doesn’t seem like I’m struggling.  But this is just how I’m coping.  I stay crazy busy and fill my time with lots of projects that bring me some sense of enjoyment.  But trust me, the moments between posts are no cake-walk.  So to the widows out there, email me or leave a comment, and I know we will be able to relate.
  • I also think it’s any other parent out there, both single and married, that has young kids.  I assume I’m dealing with the same stuff as you.  At least, I hope I am!  But maybe I offer a different perspective.  And maybe you can show me a different point of view, too!  I’d love to hear from you in the comments or by email.
  • But really, I think it’s EVERYONE, whether you’re a veteran parent, single with no kids, a college student, married with kids, or whatever other category there might be, this blog is for you.  I’m sharing my story with you.  It ranges from ordinary to outrageous, but I still think it needs to be told.  And I’d love to have you read it!

Well, now that I know who I want to read this, I need to FIND those readers.

So, I’ve set another big goal for myself.  I want to have 50 email subscribers, actual people who are interested in and want to read what I have to say, within the next 6 months.

“Why email?” you ask.  It’s really the best way to ensure that the people who really want to read will actually see my posts.  With Facebook and Pinterest, it’s all left by chance and algorithms of how posts are shown.  But email is guaranteed.

It’s kind of a lofty goal, but it’s something to work towards.  Finding less than 10 new subscribers per month doesn’t sound too horrible.  Right? 🙂

So, why am I sharing this?

First, for accountability.  If someone out there knows my plan, then I won’t just let it slip.  It also makes it feel more real.

Second, because I need your help!  I can’t achieve my goal without readers.  If you like what you’re reading, please subscribe.  And if you think someone else might too, please share my blog with them!

And guess what?  It’s also to your advantage to subscribe RIGHT NOW, because I’m posting something BIG on Friday!  You won’t want to miss it!  Are you intrigued?  Then subscribe today! 🙂

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Thank you so much for reading!  I’m looking forward to continually improving this blog, so let me know in the comments if there is anything in particular you’d like to hear from Me Plus 3… TODAY!

Well, that’s a little bit about Me… TODAY!


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Amber Harrop

Well I signed up 🙂

Sarah @ MePlus3Today.blogspot.com

Thank you so much! 🙂


I signed up too. I like reading your posts and I'm gonna share it on my social media outlets as well so others might sign up too.

Sarah @ MePlus3Today.blogspot.com

Thank you! I really appreciate it! 🙂


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