Length of resume and file format

Without a well-written CV, it is difficult to expect success in the job search. Fortunately, it's not as hard as you might think to prepare a CV that will interest an employer. We recommend resumegets. And if you decide to try writing a resume yourself, you should remember what mistakes you should avoid making.

A CV is your business card for the job and your first test to see if you are the right candidate for it. So it's worth taking the time to prepare it. Remember not to send the same CV to more than one employer. An incorrect reference number or the name of another company included in the document will result in our application ending up in the rubbish bin from the start.

Length of resume and file format

A resume of someone just starting out in their career should fit on a single A4 page. If we have at least a few years' work experience, we might add another page. It is worth remembering that the following pages are always printed on separate pages.

The information in the CV should be in standard black font on a white background. The page settings should also be standard. You can add colorful graphics to stand out from the crowd of other applicants, but moderation is a good idea.

Effective graphics cannot detract from the content. Therefore, it is better to simply put the most important information in your CV in bold. It is also advisable to save the file as a PDF, especially if you have added graphics. Then we have the guarantee that our CV will look the same on all computers. Other formats that employers prefer are doc, RTF or JPG.

Sample curriculum vitae - job title and registration number

At the top of each CV you must include the job title and reference number which is stated in the advertisement. The same information should be stated in the subject and content of the email we send to the prospective employer. The reference number and position number only seem insignificant, but their absence makes it very difficult for the HR manager. They may reject such an application at the outset. Failure to provide this information is also a signal to the employer: if you don't follow the simple guidelines contained in the job offer, you may also have problems fulfilling the right duties.

Breaking down a sample CV

A resume should be broken down into several parts: personal details, education, work experience, training and courses, skills and interests. The headings of each of these should be in bold type, written in larger font and sometimes highlighted with graphics.

The most common mistakes on your resume are

  • missing or incorrect contact details;
  • missing or incorrect reference number;
  • wrong photo;
  • non-standard settings (e.g. too many graphics, sparse font) and incorrect file format;
  • spelling and stylistic errors, typos.

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