The perfect summary: all the important

The resume is the most important part of your application documents. Based on its content, recruiters decide whether or not you are suitable for the advertised position. For this reason, get a resume, you need to specifically work through your strengths and competencies.

Tabulated resume

The perfect resume stands and falls with structure. Over the past few years, the tabular form has become commonplace because it allows the recruiter to filter out all the important information at once. A person's career is reproduced completely and antichronologically.

In addition to clarity and completeness, the rule of thumb that resumes should not exceed two pages is especially important for tabular biographies. The following content should be included:

  • Personal information and contact information
  • Professional experience
  • Š•ducation
  • Internships and projects
  • Expertise
  • Qualifications, additional education and certificates
    personal interest

If there are time gaps on your resume, you should be able to argue them in an interview. You can read more about gaps on your resume below.

Handwritten resume

It may seem old-fashioned, but sometimes handwritten resumes are still required. What do employers want to accomplish with it? First and foremost, they want to find out how motivated the candidate in question is, because only if they are truly interested in the position will they do extra work of this type.

Unlike tabular biographies, biographies are handwritten in essay form, their content is much more detailed and divided into sections: introduction, main body, and conclusion. Previous jobs are shown in chronological order rather than in reverse chronological order as with tabular biographies.

Biographical data for students

Students tend to have little to no work experience. How do you grease a resume and show interest as a worker? In this case, it's important to identify and highlight your personality and strengths and competencies behind the scenes. Relevant interests and hobbies that are directly related to the desired job or internship are an asset.

In terms of structure, a tabular form of biographical information is recommended for clarity. The following content should be available:

  • Personal information and contact information
  • Education
  • Internships or part-time jobs
  • Special expertise
  • personal interest

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