Amazing ideas to care for your baby

Amazing ideas to care for your baby

There is nothing more joyous, then having a baby on board. Those tiny little fingers and toes are too cute for words. New mothers witness many feelings altogether. They are excited yet stressed when it comes to taking care of the baby. After all, it is nothing less than a rollercoaster ride, especially for new mothers.

In the beginning, many mothers hesitate from lifting the newborn babies because they are very fragile. Of course, it would take time to get the hang of it. Well, to let your excitement continue, here are some amazing ideas to care for your baby and make it memorable as ever.

Babies Love Cuddling

Do you see mothers quickly lifting the baby when they start crying? Well, babies develop their senses in the early months. They enjoy it when someone has picked them up. Similarly, hugging and cuddling the baby is very important to build a connection and to make them feel loved. It also relaxes the baby, especially when he/she is facing any sort of discomfort.

Babies are likely to sleep better while cuddling too since they feel protected and know someone is watching over. Apart from this, there is no better way to bond with your baby than cuddling. However, refrain from kissing the baby before 40 days since their skin is too sensitive and prone to catching germs and bacteria.

Swaddle the Baby

Have you seen babies wrapped in sheets? Well guess what, every doctor recommends that parents swaddle the newborn baby. Newborns are feeble and delicate, without swaddling, the baby’s hands or feet are always at a risk of crumbling. This is why you see every newborn swaddled in sheets, looking perfect and cute. It also makes it easier for others to lift the baby without being scared of their fragileness.

Alongside keeping the baby safe, it promotes longer and healthy sleep patterns in children. They feel secure and protected while wrapped. Also, the babies are new to this world due to which it is important to keep them warm. Swaddling keeps their body warm by providing enough heat.

Learn the Basics of Bathing

Giving a bath to the little one seems like a nightmare. These naughty little babies are continuously moving, making it extremely difficult to hold them from hand and give them a bath from another hand. Thus, seek help or call your husband on board. Besides, give a shot to investing in a bath chair. It would make everything simpler for you.

The baby would be lying on the chair snugly while you rinse water and shampoo over the body. You have to use slightly warm water and use your hands to give support to their head while shampooing. Remember, you have to be very gentle while applying shampoo and soap to the baby. If it is very cold outside, then opt for a sponge bath instead.

Infant Massage

Do babies get tired of lying on the bed all day? Well yes, they do get tired and this why you have to offer them an infant massage. Preferably, spend 10-15 minutes massaging the baby with baby oil before taking them for a bath. Remember to be very gentle while massage since those tiny feet and hands can’t take a lot of pressure.

Believe it or not, babies love massages. It helps them sleep better and treats gastrointestinal problems, which are very common with babies. Also, doctors highly recommend massages during the teething period of babies. Some find these massages comforting to the extent that they immediately fall asleep. So, try it out and see how your baby reacts to it?

Get a Comfy Crib

You would encounter a million myths and unwanted pieces of advice right after having a baby. Some people would tell you to use a hard surface to rest babies while others would flaunt their experiences. Of course, you are new to this world, looking for tips. It is best to go with what the doctors have to say. All of them would recommend grabbing a comfy crib for your little one.

Make sure it has high sides to avoid any fallouts. Stuff up some cozy pillows to make the baby feel warm all the time. Also, don’t forget to attach those little hanging toys that rotate with some music. It is the best way to keep your baby busy inside the crib.

Engage with Your Baby

Even though babies are too small to understand anything, they are attracted by facial expressions and eye contact. So, how about you spend some time interacting with the baby? You can bring your face closer to reach their tiny hands. You would notice how much the baby is enjoying looking into your eyes. Don’t mind talking to the baby, despite the fact they can’t understand.

Tell them about the weather, ask random questions – ‘what is my baby doing?’, ‘why is my baby crying?’ Of course, they can’t answer, but it would surely help build a stronger connection with the baby. New moms also prefer adopting the practice of bedtime stories in the growing months to develop interest. Cheerful books flooded with colors are always appealing to the children.

Final Word

Parents love their children more than anything in the world, and they want nothing but the best for them. Some people are new to this world of parenting and are struggling to become the best. They are very skeptical when deciding what is best for the baby. Well, here are some amazing ideas to care for the baby, so you know how to get started.

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