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7 Young Adult Books Worth Reading Today

7 Young Adult Books Worth Reading Today! It is possible for "grown ups" to enjoy books targeted towards teens. These are just 7 examples of books you might enjoy!

For your convenience, this post of Books Worth Reading Today contains affiliate links that support Me Plus 3 Today. Thanks! One of my favorite things to do is read. And since I struggle with sleeping at night since becoming a widow, I’ve actually done quite a bit of reading the past 3 years. I’ve read some great books and some horrible books, so I decided to start sharing what I’ve been reading each month here on the blog. This way, if anyone else loves to read as much as I do, they can hopefully get some new ideas of books … Continue reading

11 Unique Gifts for Preschoolers

11 Unique Gifts for Preschoolers! My preschoolers LOVE these ideas! And I love that these gifts foster imagination, build fine motor skills, and more! Save this list for birthdays and Christmas!

[Disclosure: For your convenience, this post of Unique Gifts for Preschoolers contains affiliate links that support Me Plus 3 Today at no additional cost to you. Thanks!] We are very fortunate to be surrounded by people who are will to give my kids gifts for birthdays, Christmas, and other special occasions. As I look around the kids’ playroom, I see so many unique gifts for preschoolers. And since I’m someone who loves to shop second-hand sales, I’ve also found a lot of interesting toys that I never would have thought of if I was browsing online or at the store. … Continue reading

9 Facebook Pages for Widows to Follow

Disclosure: This list of Facebook Pages for Widows to Follow contains affiliate links, which help support this blog at no additional cost to you. Thanks! Not to state the obvious, but being a young widow is hard. And lonely. It often feels like there is absolutely nobody out there who understands what you are going through and how you are feeling. But in reality, there are actually a lot of young widows out there just like you. They might not be your next door neighbor, but thanks to the magic of social media and technology, you can connect with these other … Continue reading

Christmas Coloring Pages – Free Printable Greeting Cards

Free printable Christmas coloring pages - These printable Christmas greeting cards are the perfect way for your kids to spread cheer this holiday season!

As I work with my kids to teach them about kindness and helping others, one of our favorite activities has become delivering cards to seniors and the elderly. Since the holiday season is quickly approaching, I have created some simple Christmas coloring pages of printable greeting cards so we can give out Christmas cards during our next visit. And I’ve made these available for free download at the end of this post! With the Christmas coloring pages, the kids are able to put their own personal touch into each card while also giving the printable greeting cards a more handmade appeal. In the past, we … Continue reading

10 Books about Earth Day

10 Books to Teach Kids About Earth Day - So many good books about Earth Day that are great for preschoolers and toddlers!

With April being Earth Month, and Earth Day on April 22, I began focusing our #kindnessfridays for the month on being kind to the earth. As I started talking about Earth Day with the kids, my 4-year-old asked, “But what can the little kids do to help the Earth?” As Super Why would say, “When we have a question, we look in a book!” So, we have spent a lot of time reading books about Earth Day! As we read through our books about Earth Day, it led to even more discussions about the earth, recycle, not wasting, pollution, and litter. Helping the … Continue reading

To the Young Widows Wondering “How am I Going to do this Alone?”

After becoming a young widow 2.5 years ago, here is my answer for all the other young widows wondering, "How am I going to do this alone?" - A great read for widows or anyone looking to help! -

Because of this blog, I often get emails from other young widows who have recently found themselves a member of a club that nobody wants to join. Typically finding my blog via Pinterest, they share a brief bit of their story, like where they are, how long it has been since their husband died, and the ages of their kids. Of course, these stories vary from person to person. But there is one pretty constant question that I see consistently from these heartbroken young widows. “How am I going to do this alone?” I remember uttering those same exact words over … Continue reading

10 Books that Teach Kids Kindness – #KindnessFridays

10 Books that Teach Kids Kindness - I read these books to my preschoolers and toddlers and they loved them!

For your convenience, this post contains Amazon affiliate links from which I may earn a small commission at no additional cost to you. One of my goals this year was to focus on kindness activities with the kids each week. I wanted to find more opportunities to involve the kids in doing nice things for others, as well as spending more time reading books that teach kids kindness. With this in mind, I started #KindnessFridays for our family. Each Friday, we read some of our books that teach kids kindness and I choose an activity that will support our kindness mission. I’ll … Continue reading

Back Behind the Keyboard

...grief is not easy. It's a confusing mess full of ups and downs. It doesn’t follow a pattern, and it’s definitely not the same for everyone. Most importantly, grief doesn't go away over time. - Quote about grief and widowhood from a young widow's blog

Let’s see… Where do I begin? It’s been a while since I’ve actually blogged. Sure, I wrote few posts like this one and that one in order to generate a little bit of income around the holidays. But I haven’t really written any content with much depth. Not that I wrote a lot with “depth” in the past… I guess I just didn’t find much value in these posts. I sort of lost my purpose for a while. At first, I thought my irregular writing/temporary hiatus would be for only the summer months. But then fall came and went too. … Continue reading